How to invite from opportunity

In this tutorial we'll explain how to create a workflow rule and email alert to send the invite from the object Opportunity and relate the response to the Contact/Lead object record and also the Opportunity record which triggered the rule.

NOTE: To relate to an opportunity AND contact you first need to create the look up field in the Opportunity object for contacts. Example:


Under App Setup > Opportunities > Fields and select Lookup Relationship. Then click Next.



Select the Contact object from the picklist.




Add the field name. For the remaining 3 steps leave the default values and click save when done. 




Step 1: First thing you'll need to do is to generate manually the url by utilizing the standard parameters. You'll need to customize the text in bold so it matches the info in your org:

For Contacts: ID goes here&cId=contact ID merge field goes here&oppty={!Opportunity.Id}&wf=yes

The site url can be found here:


The survey ID can be found here:


The merge field for the contact can be found where you edit the email template:


Step 2: Create the Email Template

1. Go to email templates and click 'New Template'




2. Select 'Custom' and click 'Next'



3. Select a name for the template, check the 'Available For Use' checkbox and click 'Next'



4. Put the link you created in the email body and click 'Next'


5. Put the link again in the text version and click 'Save'


Step 3: Create the Workflow Rule and Email Alert

Note: In this example the workflow is triggered when the stage field in the opportunity object is set to 'Closed Won', but you can use any criteria you want.

1. Go to workflow rules and click 'New Rule'



2. Select the Opportunity object and click 'Next'



3. Select the name and criteria and press 'Save & Next'



4. Click on 'Add Workflow Action' and then on 'New Email Alert'



5. Select name and description, email template, recipient, and click 'Save'



6. Click Done. The response will then be related to the campaign that triggered the rule:



7. Click "Activate" to apply the rule.




To add the "Survey Summaries (Related Contact)" Related List to the Contact page layout view this tutorial: How to view responses in Records.

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