How to edit the survey design

After creating a survey you can add questions, a logo, and/or the look and feel of the survey.

1. After creating a survey you can drag and drop questions


2. Add pages by clicking on the plus signs


TIP: The plus sign to the left will add a page previous to the current page and the one on the right will add a page after the current page.

3. After adding all the questions click 'Save'


4. To edit the look and feel click on 'Customize Theme'


5. Click 'New Theme'


6. Use the tools or edit the CSS, then 'Save and Apply'


7. 'Overview' or 'Edit Survey' to change title/description/text


TIP: Once data collection is started the survey can no longer be edited. Either clone the survey, edit, and send or clear responses, turn off collection, and edit.


It's not possible to edit the survey once data collection is started. You have two options to change the survey name, description, theme, and/or text:

  1. Stop data collection, clear all survey responses collected thus far, and make the necessary changes.
  2. Clone the survey, make the necessary changes, and send out the survey.

Survey CSS Reference

The new custom CSS editor provides a way to overwrite the default CSS style. Reference the image below for the most common styles edited:



We support the functionality to customize the CSS in your surveys but we do not provide technical assistance on how to edit the CSS.

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