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NOTE: Due to the last API modifications this feature is not working properly. The developer-team is working on new modifications. 

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NEW! It's now possible to update an existing record for a Contact, Lead, or User and create new instances of objects by mapping survey fields to object fields. It's now also possible to map to custom and standard objects and text fields.

Updating fields: create a survey mapped to one of the recipient objects (Contacts, Leads, or User) and send to that same type of object. If mapped to one of those objects but sent to a different type of recipient, a new instance of the object will be created (provided required fields are mapped). For example, if required and custom fields are mapped the object Contacts but the invite is sent to a lead, the new responses will create a new instance of the object Contacts. If it's sent to a contact it will update the fields for the already existing instance of the object.

Creating new record: map fields to custom and standard objects, including all required fields needed to save the new instance of that object. The standard objects Contacts, Leads, or Users will create a new instance of the object if the survey is mapped to that particular object (including required fields for the object) and the survey is filled by a different type of recipient. Example: a survey mapped to a contact will create a new instance when the survey is sent to a different type of object, like a lead.

1. Click 'New Survey'


2. Fill out survey name/description and click 'Create'


3. Drag and drop textbox/textarea questions


TIP: Only textbox/textarea questions can be mapped

4. Click on the paperclip icon


5. Select object & field to map and click 'Link'


6. Make sure to mark all the mandatory fields 'required'


7. Click 'Save' when done


Now, once a recipient fills out the survey, a new record will be created within the selected Object.

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