How to merge fields in survey questions

It's possible to add standard Salesforce merge fields in survey question to populate info relating to the specific, lead, contact, case, or opportunity object record from the url parameters. For example, if you use the standard merge field {!Contact.FirstName} in a survey question it will populate the contact's first name provided you send the invite to a contact record.

You can obtain standard merge fields from the generator available in Salesforce email templates:


Then select the object, field, and copy the merge field:



See the following screenshots to see how to set up the merge fields in the survey:

1. How it looks in the survey design


2. How it looks when the user fills out the survey



The fields supported are:

{!ContactName} Current Contact name, works only with Contact collections or automated surveys
{!LeadName} Current Lead name, works only with Lead collections or automated surveys 
{!CaseDescription} Case Description, only work with automated surveys 
{!CaseNumber} Case Number, only works with automated surveys 
{!CaseSubject}  Case Subject, only works with automated surveys

NOTE: Case subject, number, and description only work with automated surveys (workflow). Lead and Contact name work with their corresponding collection method or in automated surveys.



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