How to edit email templates


NOTE: Due to the last API modifications letterhead feature is not working properly. The developer-team is working on new modifications. Please select 'Custom (without using Letterhead)' when creating the email template. For the moment you can modify the body of Email template to change the look and feel of letterhead.

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Timba Surveys leverages Salesforce's email templates. You can easily edit a template and add extra information to the standard survey invitations. The email template can be sent as plain text or html.

1. Click on the collection icon


2. Click 'Customize Email'


3. Click 'Edit'


4. Edit the subject line and/or email body text & click 'Save'


TIP: Make sure the URL (%SURVEY_URL%) stays intact.

If you personalize a template of a survey and would like to also send a personalized template for the same survey but using workflow (survey automation) you will have to update the workflow template:

1. Click on 'Setup'


2. Click 'Create'

3. Click 'Workflow & Approvals'

4. Click 'Email Alerts'


5. Click the appropriate email template

6. Click 'Edit'


7. User merge fileds to customize subject line and/or text


    <a href="{!TIMBASURVEYS__Survey_Summary__c.Link}">Click to view response</a> 



If you want to use a letterhead template instead of a custom HTML template (default type of template) to send the survey through the app's user interface (Collect tab) or the 'Send' buttons in the Contact/Lead/Case record page layouts you'll need to copy the unique template ID, delete the original template, and create a new HTML (letterhead) template with the original unique ID. Below you can find step-by-step instructions:

1. With each survey default email templates are created


2. Click 'edit' [Send using Timba Surveys] + title of survey


3. Copy the Template Unique Name and click 'Cancel'


4. Delete the template


5. Click 'New Template'


Note: You must have an active Letterhead in order to create a HTML email template. You may have already created a Letterhead and simply have to make it "Available For Use".

6. Select 'HTML (using Letterhead)'


7. Paste unique ID & file 'Unfiled Public Email Templates'


8. Add custom text and string %SURVEY_URL%


9. The template will be used when sending through the app


10. The recipient will receive the email with the letterhead


To use a letterhead templates with workflow you'll need to customize the link provided in the default custom HTML templates by using Salesforce merge fields. You can first use the default templates to view the formatting of the URL and then use merge fields to include the survey ID, contact/lead/user, and/or case ID (case ID only needs to be added if using the object Case to trigger the workflow)

1. Setup / Email / My Templates / New Template


2. Select the option 'HTML (using Letterhead)'


3. Add the required info, make sure it's available for use


4. Add text & info (next you'll see how to customize the link)


5. Add the text and click on the hyperlink icon


6. Use URL formatting but using Salesforce merge fields


7. Save and select as the template for the wf email alert


To summarize

A) This is the string in the default workflow template:

[Send using Workflow] + title of survey

Please complete this survey at: {!IF(Contact.Id != null,IF(Case.Id != null,'<a href="'+Contact.Id+'&case_id='+Case.Id+'&wf=yes">test 2</a>','<a href="'+Contact.Id+'&wf=yes">test 2</a>'),'')}

B) This is the URL I receive when I get the email using the default email template:

C) This is the customized link I use in the hyperlink for the letterhead:{!Case.OwnerId}&case_id={!Case.Id}&wf=yes
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    Jim Thompson

    Is the statement, " ... letterhead feature is not working properly ..." still true?

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