How to fill Survey on Behalf of Lead/Contact

Now it's possible to fill out a survey on behalf of a Contact or Lead without having to send the survey in an email.

NOTE: Survey collection status must be 'Collecting'. To turn on collection click on the survey name and turn 'Survey Collection' to on

1. Once you've added a Contact/Lead to the recipient list, click on the red phone icon next to it.



2. Fill in your answers and click 'Finish'.



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    Paulo Victor A Uchôa

    I have a doubt. When I fill a survey by a contact and try to analyze the answers, all them are shown as "anonymous". It would be fine if I had the option to see the contact personal whom I fill the survey for. Is it possible?

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    Altimetrik Support

    Hi Paulo, 


    Please check if you have the anonymous collection feature enabled. If that is the case, disable it, you will be able to see the recipient information on all collected responses after disabling anonymous collection. 



    Altimetrik Support Desk

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