How to merge fields

The merge field feature displays specific fields within a survey. The fields can be added to the title or the description of a survey when you first create a survey or after the survey is created (as long as it's not yet collecting data).

The fields supported are:

{!Contact.Name} Current Contact name, works only with Contact collections or automated surveys
{!Lead.Name} Current Lead name, works only with Lead collections or automated surveys 
{!Case.Description} Case Description, only work with automated surveys 
{!Case.CaseNumber} Case Number, only works with automated surveys 
{!Case.Subject} Case Subject, only works with automated surveys

NOTE: Case subject, number, and description only work with automated surveys (workflow). Lead and Contact name work with their corresponding collection method or in automated surveys.

The fields can be input into the title or description when a new survey is created or when editing an existing survey (with data collection turned 'off' and zero responses).

When creating a new survey add the fields here:



When adding the fields after the survey has already been created:




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