How To Send Automatic Reminders

This guide shows how to add automatic reminders to your surveys when you are sending them via workflow.

You can send reminders when sending surveys to Contacts, Leads, or Users. You can set one or more dates to send reminders, if the recipient answers the survey before the reminder date, the reminder won't be sent. 

Once the recipients answers a survey, if for some reason you send the same survey again to it, reminders won't work the second time.

Once you have the survey you want to send, you need to follow these three steps:


Step 1: Creating the Workflow Rule

1)Go to Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Workflow Rules and click on 'New Rule'



2)Select the object you want to send the survey to and click 'next'

Remember it can only be Contacts,Leads,or Users.



3)Give name and criteria to your rule and click 'Save & Next'



4)Select 'New Email Alert'



5)Give it a name, select the correct email template and recipient and click 'Save'


Remember the email template depends on your recipient type. For Contacts the correct template is: [Send using Workflow] SurveyName where SurveyName is the name of your survey. If you are sending to Leads the correct template would be:[Send using Workflow Leads] SurveyName, and for users:[Send using Workflow User] SurveyName.


6)Select 'New Field Update'



7)Set up the field update and click 'Save'

The formula you need to insert has the following format:

           LEN(TIMBASURVEYS__SurveyReminder__c  +  "reminder_string")  > 255
    TIMBASURVEYS__SurveyReminder__c + "reminder_string"

Where survey_id is your survey's id. In this example: a0Li0000001sw1sEAA
Where reminder_string has the following format:


Where survey_id is your survey's id just like before.
Where yyyy-mm-dd is the date on which you want the reminder to be sent. In this example: 2013-10-07

So in this example, reminder_string is: a0Li0000001sw1sEAA/2013-10-07,

With this reminder_string, reminders will be sent October 7th, 2013.

You can add a second reminder date if you want for example to send reminders 15 days after, and 30 days after the original survey was sent. To do this simply add a second /yyyy-mm-dd before the comma in the reminder_string.

In this example with a second reminder date, the reminder_string would be: 


With this reminder_string, reminders will be sent October 7th, 2013 and October 22nd, 2013.

Keep in mind the format of the reminder_string is crucial for this to work.


Remember you can get your survey's id from the URL in the collect tab. The URL in the collect tab should be something like this: 



8)Click 'Done'



9)Activate the workflow and you're done with Step 1



Step 2: Creating the Email Templates

1)Go To Communication Templates -> Email Templates and click on 'New Template'


2)Select the type of template you want the reminder email to have and click 'Next'



3)Fill in the necessary data and click 'Save', and you'll be done with Step 2

The email template name depends on the type of recipient you're sending your surveys to. The template names should be:

If sending to Contacts: [Send Reminder Contact]SurveyName

If sending to Leads:      [Send Reminder Lead]SurveyName

If sending to Users:      [Send Reminder User]SurveyName

Where SurveyName is the name of your survey.

Again, the name of the template is crucial for this to work.



Step 3: Scheduling Reminders

1)Go to Develop -> Apex Classes and click 'Schedule Apex'



2)Fill in the necessary data and click 'Save' and you'll be done with Step 3



You're done!

In this example, every time a Contact in the Sales department is created, he will receive the survey Test_Survey. If he hasn't responded by October 7th, 2013, he will receive a reminder at 7am.

We highly recommend that you test the reminders after following this guide, considering if you made a mistake somewhere along the way, you won't get any error message other than the reminders not being sent when they should.

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