How to create a Community

On this tutorial we are going to show how to create a community.
Before enabling a community you need to review what kind of licenses you are going to assign to the community members since they are limited. You will also need to create Profiles and Permission Sets depending on the access you would like to give to your community users. Create the Email templates you will be using to announce the creation of the community and upload any logo or documents you would like to have on your community page.

Creating the community: 

1. From the Build area select Customize > Communities > Settings.




2. Enable the communities by clicking on the "Enable Communities" checkbox, establish the domain name and check for availability by clicking on the "Check Availability" button then click Save.

Note: The Domain Name has to be unique and cannot be changed once is established.




3. From Setup click on Manage Users under the Administer area then go to Profiles and select the System Administrator profile.




4. Click on the Edit button.




5. Look for the View Global Header checkbox under Administrative Permissions and click on it. This will enable you to see a global header to go back and forward from the org to the community. Click save when done.




6.This is the new view of the org with the Global Header on top. You still have access to all the functions of the org on the picklist under the name of the user.




7. Under the Build area click on customize then communities and select All Communities.




8. Click the New Community button.




9. Enter the name of your community, add the remaining part on the URL address and click create.






10. Click on the members button to select what type of members are going to be part of the community.




11. Change the option on the dropdown list from internal to all. Select from the available profiles picklist the profiles of the members you would like to be a part of the community and click save.




12. Click on Tabs & Pages to select what tabs you want to include on the community page.




13. Add the tabs you want to display on the community and click Save.




14. Once you finished selecting the settings according to the community needs select Publish and click Ok on the pop up window. Your community is now public.








For more information regarding other aspects of the community that may not have been covered on this tutorial you may refer to the link below for an introductory video on how to create a community.

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