How to relate survey to standard object

A popular feature of Timba Surveys is to relate surveys to customized and standard objects (e.g. Accounts, Opportunities, etc.).

This example shows how to relate surveys to Accounts. The feature however, can be implemented with any customized or standard objects, for example, Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Lead Opportunities, and Solution.


1. Go to Accounts select Page Layouts and click "Edit" next to "Account Layouts".




2. Drag & Drop the "RelatedSurveys" S-Control to the page layout and click "Save".




3. Go to the account record and click on the "Related Surveys" button.




4. Click on "Select a Survey to Relate..." and then select the survey from the list.




5. Click on "Create Relation".



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    Susan Surmick

    i keep getting stuck on step 4.


    Attempt to de-reference a null object


    An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (TIMBASURVEYS)

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