Road Map

Current Release 7.69 (10/11/2013)

866 - Ability to send reminders a time after the survey was sent

Release History

Released 10/16/2009

310 Survey List - Display a confirmation message upon deleting a survey
3322 When a new survey is created happens that in the column named "collecting since" appears a date.
3432 On a preview page of a survey the Back to list button and Next Page Buttons do not work.
301 Survey Collect - Add the ability of add e-mails address to the list by pressing the ENTER key
3439 Invalid Error Message When Pasting CSV files and Type.
3329 When the textbox field has the required check box checked, has a wrong behaviour.
1284 Survey - The recipient can fill out the survey many times.
1310 Survey Analyze - In Browse view, some questions display your answers in incorrect order and unaligned.
1309 ContactCollectionWizard - Notify if the org not has users.

Released 10/23/2009

3709 When a survey is sent for a lead with the create leads on, an overlay is displaying ask for the lead information
3693 In Survey Collector page in IE6 the Send button is a quit hide
3582 In Preview page the "back to list" button does not work correctly when the Survey has any mandatory questions.
3448 When a Survey is clone in the Survey List the Analyze button appear although the original Survey does not have the analyze button
3565 Wrong behaviour with the picklist in the designer page of a survey
3713 Leads are not getting created
1263 Design Survey - If you leave in blank some sub question in matrix of Ch. or Multiple op. and save, the application crash.
3430 The subject field in the email template does not work.

Released 10/30/2009

3830 When Survey is cloned, the cloned survey REORDER THE QUESTIONS AND SUB QUESTIONS.
1300 Survey Design - (Chrome) The question sorting functionality don't work properly.
29 If the survey has many responses the analyzer is crashed
3648 Create usage notification emails.
3843 When a survey is clone, the cloned survey conserve some of the Survey collector page settings.
3827 In The XLS report, the link of some charts are not displaying.
3946 in the matrix of choices single answer answers are reordered.
3734 for IE 6.0 and 7.0 if you click on "Create a new theme" button the drop down combo box for the theme names get reduce.
1257 Survey Form - (IE7) Desactivate the enter button in the textbox question.
3460 In the preview page of a survey is not possible to fill the Textbox field
3710 After select some leads to send it the survey and after click on send the overlay asking for confirmation does not appear.
3729 If you try to send mail for leads by standards tab, the send invitation button does not work
1319 Survey - If you click on "Clear" button the surveys that have been collected anonymously don't are eliminated.
3522 In Survey list the date for the column "Collecting Since" is not being loaded.
3449 4 page survey only shows last page in preview.
3507 In the Contact page the ">>" button next to the "next" button is disable and the page counter does not have total of pages.
3504 When trying to send a survey from contacts, a page is not being displayed correctly.
3445 When selecting the lead field in the collector page a wrong message appear.
3564 The not answer question in Survey appear with null as answer in Analyze page.
3435 Uploading a CSV file does not work.
3424 Cloned Templates are not being used.
1965 When selecting the finish button from a survey sended only by "e-mail", the swirl do not stop and is not posible to save.
3824 If a survey has more than one page when a user click on XLS report button the excel sheet only has the first survey page info.
2768 The Multiple choice single answer and Multiple Choice Multiples Answers does not work properly.
3733 When survey which the theme was changed is saved, an error message appear in the reload page background.
3467 In Survey Collector when user click on User button, the alphabetic filter does not work correctly for Internet Explorer Browser
753 Survey Preview - The Leads overlay is displayed in the Survey Preview

Released 11/06/2009

302 Survey - Matrix and rating scale JS validation issues
4102 The theme get lost
3207 Error on Survey Template Creation
1909 Noticed that if Filling the Survey Name field with the maximum possible characters, then an error page is displayed.
1834 It is not possible to change the page in the preview screen of a Survey.
307 Survey List - Hide the "Collecting Data Since" when data collection stops
295 Survey Collect - When I add a e-mail to the invitations list in anonymous mode, the text field isn't cleared.
294 Survey Collect - Address already in survey alert wrongly shown. (Address no longer there)
292 Design Survey - Some questions default to be required
3714 Google Sites displyed in the analyzer
297 Survey Collect - Display Alert Upon Sending Surveys to Empty Recipient Lists
3939 when a survey with more than 2 pages is sending from contact. the user is no able to go to page 3 from page 2
286 The survey displays the time beside the date in the moment when is created.
3425 %Survey_URL% not getting sent.
4145 In the Survey Design page when a Descriptive text is drag and drop the design page does not work well.
3696 when a user receive a mail to complete the survey with the create leads set on the overlay ask for information does not appear.
3521 If you send the survey for leads , the emails of the leads appear in the text area in the email section
3556 SELF REORDERING OF QUESTION for rating scale of 1-10 and "Matrix of Choices Single Answers"
289 Design Survey - Confirmation alerts incorrectly showing upont attempting to leave a designer page
3690 if you click in any place outside the overlay the overlay hide and you are not able to get it again.
3471 When a picklist is in the bottom a page , the options are not visible.
288 Design Survey - In line edition allows for blank names to be saved
3933 If you delete the name of a theme and click on apply the theme is removing from the theme list.
3941 The date icon is not showing nesxt to the date field in the surveys.
754 Surrvey List - The Design button disapears upon clearing a survey
3950 if a survey has more than two pick list one above the other the user are not able to choose an option.
3562 The Multiple choice multiple answers have a wrong behaviour in the designer page.

Released 11/13/2009

3555 The "rating scale" and "matrix of choices single answers " fields does not work in a proper way.
3431 The calendar is not appearing next to the date field, it is appearing above the date field .
3422 In the designer page of a survey the edit bar of some fields sometimes have a strange behaviour.
3333 The multiple choice single answer field is not working properly in IE6
2874 When selecting the design button a wrong image appear for an instant .
3035 When trying to send a survey to a lead a pop up with an error message appear.
3252 Wrong message when relating a survey with a contract in related objects page.
3301 When hitting the next page button many times at the same time, the survey has a strange behaviour
3730 for IE 6.0 and 7.0 when you try to see the preview of a survey with a date question the calendar icon appear into the field.
4411 An error appeared, while a survey was filled.
3985 In Survey Related Object page, after relate a Contact, in the list of current survey relation appear as account
4054 In contact collection, the confirmation page does not have back or/and cancel button.
4044 In IE7, if you try to delete an email address from the recipient, the email does not delete it
4283 INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY error appears after installation
2985 When a Survey is deleted, the survey summary detail back button leaves to an inexistent page and throws an exception.
4180 Survey submits are hanging
3986 In related Object page, not all the Lookups popups have got the "new" button
4417 Don't allow to go next on the designer survey
296 Survey - The matrix of radio buttons and checkbox aren't aligned.
3253 When selecting a contact in the related object page, the contact appears as an account.
4444 No Scroll
4310 non Anonymous surveys loses the questions.
246 Survey Design - IE6, IE7, safari and chrome allow surveys to be saved with no name
4449 Sending surveys to more than 5 leads at a time, throus an error message
4270 No Next and Previous button
831 Survey Design - (Safari) When you save the design, the content disappears.
3426 When a new survey is created with 148 characters in the description field the validate messages don't appear neither survey design
2893 When the picklist have the required checkbox selected in IE7 is not visible.
1325 Design Survey - In the line edition I can delete the name of the survey and leave in blank.
3511 The confirmation popup does not appear when a survey is sent for Contacts

Released 11/20/2009

4451 incorrect percentage calculations
3689 The form at the New Lead Overlay doesn't validate the data.
3820 In Analyze page, when a question is not answered the email does not appear.
1292 Survey - In Chrome the scroll bar of the text area is displayed wrong.
3303 Some fields do not appear in red once the next page or finished button is selected.
3839 if you click on "Create Relation" button with the field "Select the Object to relate" empty, a message should appear.
270 Design Survey - The swirl is not centered.
3342 Special characters does not work properly for the survey name.
1258 Survey List - IE7: The html entities (quotes) are not decoded at IE7.
3800 When a survey is clone from a survey which has preview button, the cloned survey does not have the preview button
3703 Cannot Use Campaigns with Surveys
3559 In Survey Analyze page after click on Go to list button the system redirect to an incorrect page
1108 Make Contacts, Leads, Users apex standard related lists in collector
2793 when designing a survey the spaces are not being respected.
4623 Not allowed to fill the Surveys, if it was sending by contacts.
4489 Can't select the answers in the second question.
2817 The surveys done by the leads appear always as anonymous.
3444 When the contact field selected in the collector page an error page appear.

Released 11/27/2009

305 Survey - Set a Maximum length for textarea answer types
4291 The email collector does not work properly
3465 Alert does not appear when editing a survey in the design page.
4185 for IE8 the "Back to List" button does not work properly.
4313 It doesn't collect when has on the last page only Descriptive Text
4726 Correct Apex Installation Errors on fresh environments.
4085 The user check box is checked although the user was removed from the list
2244 On IE6 the Survey Analyzer footer disapear
3728 For IE 6.0 in Design Survey page, when I scroll, the bottom bar move with the page scrolling instead of be static.

Released 12/04/2009

4419 issue with new firefox (3.5.5) on a mac.
4936 During the install process the browser is hanging.

Released 12/11/2009

4986 In Email Collector - The upload csv files does not work properly, if the list has more than 80 mails
5003 Design - If in the Matrix... I put only numbers in the "options" and save. In the question design appears Code

Released 12/18/2009

2264 In the designer page of a survey the " keyword is not working properly.
4999 System.Exception: collection exceeds maximum size: 1001
4810 Send Surveys Automatically does not work properly.

Released 12/25/2009

5046 Relate Survey to Multiple Instances

Released 01/15/2010

4488 The percentage calculations are incorrect , Percents aren't rounded.
293 Design Survey - The Multiple Choice sub questions lets enter 65 characters instead of 45.
2270 Problems when editing some fields in the Designer page.
1260 Survey Design - Change the label of the question textfield.
3841 No match message is showing one time only in Related Object page.
3838 In Survey Related Object page, the “Select the Object to Relate” does not work correctly.
3837 In Survey Related Object page, if you do not select an object, No message appears
5507 for Timbasurvey V.3.0- The Survey Summary module does not work properly
5554 Related Object - if an object does not have a related survey, in the Related Survey Summaries appears responses of surveys.

Released 01/29/2010

5430 Analyzer- The export to XLS Does not work properly when the survey has textquestions and text area questions

Released 02/05/2010

5153 UI cosmetics to make Timba Surveys look inline with the EHR app.
4512 When a mail is selected to be sent it again, the name of the person appears more than once in the confirmation page.
4286 [Upgrade] [1.9 - 2.3] Responses counter doesn't increments when a survey is filled.
5650 Related object: Allow relate the same survey multiple times.

Released 02/12/2010

5685 Related Object - the 'Related survey summary' page does not work properly when the survey does not have responses.
5537 Lead Collector - when I attempt to change the status of a lead, after save the system redirect to an incorrect page.
6420 Unable to install Timba Surveys
4293 With Safari the "delete" image does not appear
5270 Designer- the Question editor for Multiple Choice and pick list Questions do not work properly.
5136 mails sent by user collector with Anonymous "off", and Allow multiple responses "on", Allow multiple responses
3143 Icons at IE6 , png transparency problem.
3142 On IE6 at the designer some fields move and have a strange behaviour.
4546 Anonymous collection does not work properly, when a text box is added.
4543 IE6 Design. The design page does not work properly in IE6.
4164 The text box question does not work properly.
4017 If no theme is selected, the dflt image shows up.
3816 In the Survey summary in Survey Analyze page the not anonymous survey appear as anonymous.
3523 In Survey Collector the "Collecting Since" date is the same of "Created On" date when the Survey Collection switch is off
3506 The validating message when creating a survey is not completely align with the page.
3305 At IE6 The overlay does not fit the entire screen when filling the survey
5501 IE6 - in the confirmation page from contact collector, only the first contact of a selection of contact appears
5407 In IE6 - The loading page does not cover all the page after the next or the previous buttons are clicked.
5373 IE6 -In the save successfully message an image is missing.
5367 IE6- if in Multiple option Single answer a large text is pasted the question crash.
5219 [IE6]: In the Theme design pop up the "Upload a logo / img:" field, allow insert text.
4951 For Enterprise Edition, the link sent by email does not work properly.
4800 IE6: The user confirmation pop up, is too big
4797 IE6: In User collector page, if the name of the user is long, the delete image does not appear
4655 IE6: In Save successful message the image does not appear.
4653 IE6 Collector, For Email and User the "Send" buttons does not work.
4649 IE6 Collector, For Contact and lead the "Back" does not work.
4603 The Collecting since does not work if the "start collect" check box was checked from the confirmation page and pop up.
4346 [Upgrade] [1.9 to 2.3]Clone a clone survey and Preview disappear on the Survey list

Released 02/26/2010

4966 In the designer page, "Descriptive Text” question does not work properly
6304 No warning message in IE6 while using Survey Designer
5681 Relate Object - the back button that appear in the Survey Analyzer page redirect to an incorrect page.
5215 Language issue
4959 After uninstall the package, click on the package name and refresh the page manually, the system redirect to an incorrect page.
5004 Grid Spacing Issue
4305 Disappear the clone data and buttons on the second page
4667 In User Collector, the selected user module allow me to go to next and previous page although there are not any mails in the module
4295 Some answer were deleted when I go to previous page in IE7 and IE8
3499 In the Contact page the "All" button has some part hide for internet explorer 6.0
5521 Designer - no message appears asking for confirmation, when a page with question is deleted.
5893 Leads Collector - No Help icon appears in the Leads collector page.

Released 03/05/2010

4973 Can't use '&' in a question or option text. 6258 TImba Surveys not updating
5259 The logo does not appear on a Survey

Released 03/12/2010

5147 Designer- In text box question the "Allow only numerical values" checkbox does not work correctly.
4995 Contact Collector - after I click on cancel button in the confirmation pop up, all contact were unselected.
4735 The analyze does not work properly, when the survey has text questions and the "multiple responses" set On.
4040 [ Survey Collection ] - At the recipient list in email collection, the anonymous emails appears with wrong color.
3732 After fill a Survey, which has a theme with white font, the "saved" message does not get the theme. 3724 The theme does not apply correctly around "timba survey" logo and buttons.
291 [Survey Designer] Remove ability to add more questions upon reaching the questions limits.
4522 In IE8, in design page, the themes pop up does not work as expected.
5707 Related Object - For the customize object the "View related Object" button appears truncated.
4847 Email Collector - when a survey is sent in Anonymous mode, The Survey can be completed one time only.
6095 Survey Collector: error message when I tried to send through IE6
4857 Email Collector - The Confirmation pop up does not work properly.
5909 Exploratory Testing: Found bug for 'Email Survey Collector' CSV upload
5550 Email collector - when "Collect data anonymously" check box is checked from the confirmation popup an error message appears.
5976 Safari: Designer: Map question to field: the next button does not appear in the select field overlay
300 Survey Collect - Imporve the Recipient List and Invitation List.

Released 03/19/2010

4478 [ Survey Collection ] - Workflow Connect the automatic survey sending to an email rather than Anonymous
5918 IE7- Contact collector- If I try to send the invitation to 150 or more contact nothing happen.
5747 Related Object: If the survey name has special character as (/ \\ [ ] { } & ' ' ) is not possible relate the survey with an Obj
3013 IE6 - In the design page of a survey , some fields are not aligned
5684 Related Object- when a survey is deleted from the list in the " Related Survey Summaries" page the Survey name is deleted too
5775 [ Survey Collection ] - Related Object : No confirmation message are shown when a relation is deleted.
4738 If you resend a Survey by user collector, the Survey is sent multiple times.
5426 Lead Collector - the Survey sent with Anonymous Off and Multiple responses On, in the analyzer appears as Anonymous
5296 Public email Template does not work properly.
6448 Map question to field: IE8, after select the object and click on next, the overlay closes.
6151 [ Survey Designer] - Safari -Related Object: the create relation button doesn't work properly.

Released 03/26/2010

5241 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Responses appears as Anonymous, if the survey was sent by Email Collector.
5804 Analyzer- In browser page the button "Show 3 more »" does not work properly

Released 04/02/2010

5208 [ Survey Designer] - Date questions are displayed with an incorrect format.
3814 [ Survey Designer ] - Date questions problems.
3567 [ Survey Collection ] - If you press the Tab key to go to a date field, the previous set date are deleted instead of showing the
7543 [ Survey Designer] - issue when a new page is added.
5096 [ Survey Designer] - Theme Editor : No message is displayed when an invalid image file is uploaded.
5238 [ Survey Collection ] - User Collector - "Send to all recipients again" check box does not work properly.
5524 on IE6 at the designer some fields move and have a strange behaviour.
5209 [ Survey List ] - The survey name are not being changed at the email template when modified.
214 [ Survey Analyzer ] - The page is extended horizontally beyond the view port when the questions are too large.
7538 No message displays if the limit of the org is reaches
4172 [ Survey Collection ] -"Collecting Since" column doesn't update after first collection by email.
4994 [ Survey Collection ] -Email Collector - In the confirmation pop up, deleted emails are displayed.
5059 [ Survey Designer] - Chrome & Safari - The Descriptive text has strange behavior.
5366 [Survey Designer] - IE8 - The Theme editor gets closed when the "New theme" button is clicked.
7024 [Survey Collection ] - Customer Portal - when survey collection are set to off , the survey shouldn't allow you to complete it
7280 email collector- when the survey has anonymous on. It disappears from the recipient after it is filled
5530 Email Template - if the name of a survey, is changed in the Designer page, the name is not updated in the Email Template
287 [ Survey List ] - Surveys with the same name shouldn't be allowed.

Released 04/09/2010

0290 [ Survey Designer ] - Allow users to set a Maximum Value for numeric inputs.
6222 [ Survey Designer] - Related Object: When the "Relate to an object" button is clicked, multiple Popups can be open.
6064 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Export to XLS: Some dates are displayed with a wrong format in the XLS file.
5653 [ Survey Collection ] - When setting up the notification feature , the email address must be validated.
5652 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Related Object - the List of related Survey does not have next and previous button.
5409 [ Survey Designer] - IE8 - At the new survey overlay -- when survey name field is clicked the browser redirect you to the collector section.
5378 [ Survey Designer] - sometimes in the last question editor is difficult to reach the checkboxes
5381 [ Survey Analyzer ] - sub questions are truncated if the response are too large.
4331 [ Survey Analyzer ] - results aren't updated when someone removes a response

Released 04/16/2010

6305 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Create Report: Unanswered questions displays null value instead of "Not answered".
6149 [ Survey Designer] - limit are not reached in comment fields.
6018 [ Survey Designer] - Map Question to Field: issue generating multiple records.
5890 [ Survey Analyzer ] - When the option text is too large , a tooltip with the entire content should be displayed on pie chart hover
5246 [ Survey Analyzer ] - If an option has " (double quotes) the chart pies are not displayed in the Analyzer.
4956 [ Survey Analyzer ] - If an apostrophe is typed at any text an "& apos" is displayed.
5264 [ Survey Collection ] - Cannot open user collector section - Too many rows error

Released 04/23/2010

4802 [ Survey Designer ] - Branching
6585 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Related Survey responses are kept after clearing them from Survey List.
6438 [ Survey Designer] - Map question to field: The behavior when a question-to-field mapping are removed must be changed.
4523 [ Survey Designer] - IE8,At the theme pop up the "Selected The font Family" dropdown are displayed empty.
5108 [ Survey Completion ] - The Lead Overlay is displayed after the Survey was filled, if the page is refreshed.
5122 [ Survey Designer] - No message is triggered when the org limit is exceeded.
5056 [ Survey Designer] - the drop down does not work properly.
5002 [ Survey Designer] - If the theme name includes these characters : "<> "" (double quotes) ". The name does not appear in the design page, until the page is refreshed.
4799 [ Survey Collection ] - User Collector page, the checkbox to select all users does not work as expected.
4669 [ Survey Collection ] - User Collector, The colors of the different labels that indicate the states of each recipient are not correct.

Released 04/30/2010

0356 [ Survey Designer ] - (IE6, IE7, IE8) When the user want to leave the designer without saving an alert should be displayed.
4601 [ Survey Designer ] - Theme Editor: The theme name input field loses focus when the the mouse pointer gets over the color palettes.
0219 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Pie Charts are not displayed in IE8
3557 [ Survey Designer ] - IE7 all the fields are not correctly being displayed
6851 [ Survey List ] - issue with the next page button
6605 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Problem with 'Related Surveys' after pressing browser back button
6792 [ Survey Collection ] - Contact collector - New lead Information form shouldn't be displayed when the recipients are existent Contacts.
0323 [ Survey List ] - The label "Collected Responses:xx" is displaying incorrect information.
6442 [ Survey List ] - Problem with name of cloned surveys

Released 04/23/2010

4802 [ Survey Designer ] - Branching
6585 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Related Survey responses are kept after clearing them from Survey List.
6438 [ Survey Designer] - Map question to field: The behavior when a question-to-field mapping are removed must be changed.
4523 [ Survey Designer] - IE8,At the theme pop up the "Selected The font Family" dropdown are displayed empty.
5108 [ Survey Completion ] - The Lead Overlay is displayed after the Survey was filled, if the page is refreshed.
5122 [ Survey Designer] - No message is triggered when the org limit is exceeded.
5056 [ Survey Designer] - the drop down does not work properly.
5002 [ Survey Designer] - If the theme name includes these characters : "<> "" (double quotes) ".
The name does not appear in the design page, until the page is refreshed.
4799 [ Survey Collection ] - User Collector page, the checkbox to select all users does not work as expected.
4669 [ Survey Collection ] - User Collector, The colors of the different labels that indicate the states of each recipient are not correct.

Released 04/30/2010

0356 [ Survey Designer ] - (IE6, IE7, IE8) When the user want to leave the designer without saving an alert should be displayed.
4601 [ Survey Designer ] - Theme Editor: The theme name input field loses focus when the the mouse pointer gets over the color palettes.
0219 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Pie Charts are not displayed in IE8
3557 [ Survey Designer ] - IE7 all the fields are not correctly being displayed
6851 [ Survey List ] - issue with the next page button
6605 [ Survey Analyzer ] - Problem with 'Related Surveys' after pressing browser back button
6792 [ Survey Collection ] - Contact collector - New lead Information form shouldn't be displayed when the recipients are existent Contacts.
0323 [ Survey List ] - The label "Collected Responses:xx" is displaying incorrect information.
6442 [ Survey List ] - Problem with name of cloned surveys

Released 05/21/2010

9176 [Survey Branching] the local branching does not work properly in Chrome and Safari.
9614 [Survey Designer] issues with special characters in IE8.
10026 Issue when i try to publish a survey in a portal when the survey was sent to previously. by contact collector.
10007 [Local Branching] if you try to open the local branching previously configured in IE you are redirect to an error page.
10003 [Page Branching]In the page branching overlay the Then and else combo appears empty, In IE8 and IE7
9743 issue with customer portal template.
8988 Active branching and page branching do not work properly. in IE8 and IE7
10011 [page Branching] if in the page branching overlay you delete the first rule, the AND remains.
10004 [page Branching] In the page branching overlay if you add 5 rules is not possible to scroll properly.
9381 [Survey Branching] if I use special character in the Answer equal to filed, and save the app hung.
9670 The Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Question delete theirs responses when I go back ( previous page button.)
3737 Allow to fill lead form once time only.
9675 Issue with the styles page in IE when the survey has required without answered.
6149 [ Survey Designer] - limit are not reached in comment fields.
9376 [Survey branching] The required questions do not work properly, when complete the survey
9439 [Survey Designer] Each time that a pop up is open a message appears asking if i want to leave the page.
1321 [ Survey Analyzer ] - The Survey Inline editor let you write 150 characters, but when saved the text is truncated at 80 characters.
9733 Issue if you have an empty page
9470 Add a check box next to "Create Leads" to make the overlay questions mandatory or not.
9668 Add a check box in the collector in order to make the Create leads Overlay required.
9636 [Survey Designer] If I delete the 0 in the Min value range for a text box , appears NaN instead of 0
6830 Customer Portal - Improvement for the customer portal.
7291 [Survey Analyzer] when a response is deleted the questions percentage exceeds 100%
5493 Matrix of Choices Multiple Answers Question has a strange behavior when is required

Release 07/23/2010

12416 [New interface] Issue sending emails.
10445 IE8 - In the Matrix of Choices Single Answers & Rating Scale questions the new sub question delete button does not appears
10612 Timba logo in survey showing up ontop of the submit message
10593 Date Question not allowing to select today or yesterday's date
9985 Issue with page branching.
12424 [New Interface] If I a Try to add more than 300 recipient at the same time the recipient hang.
12422 [New Interface]: Not saving recipients entered through 'Email' when survey is anonymous
12416 [New interface] Issue sending emails.
12332 [New Interface] when I sent surveys, the recipient appears more than one time in the recipient collector.
12326 [new Interface] The Cancel button in missing in the Overview page.
12167 [New Interface] issue with the scroll of a text area (rich text) , the bottom of the scroll does not appear.
12160 [New Interface] if I add a mail manually, and the upload a csv, the added manually and the first mail updated are stick together
12156 [New Interface] when I add a list of mails and after export a cvs file, the mails appears multiple times
12145 [New Interface] in user collector when I select one all the info about the user disappears in IE
12144 [New Interface] if I go to collector via another tab all the dojo overlays are loaded at the bottom of the page.
12117 [New Interface]: in the contact/lead/user lists it throws message when 200+ are selected, but the limit is 150
12111 [New Interface] I am not able to add leads
12107 [New Interface]: Cannot edit survey after saving it in IE7
12101 [New Interface]: Change wording of button 'clear all'
12078 [New Interface] in collect tab some buttons have not have styles.
12072 [New Interface] the total recipient does not work in IE

Release 07/30/2010

0010388: Contacts showing up as anonymous when anonymous is OFF
0005264: [ Survey Collection ] - Too many rows error
0010295: [ Merge field ] if I Merge field in the survey name, the field does not appear in the survey name in their email template.
0010554: if I add add and enter in the description field the survey hangs
0006079: Survey Designer Improvement: customer needs # of characters to be increased &increase the size of the Descriptive Text field
0011579: [ New Interface ] Req question for multiple choice multiple answer does not allow me to go to the next question
0010055: [ Survey Branching ] when the survey has more than one page and local branching issue when click on previous page button.
0011271: In Salesforce Reporting characters not showing up correctly
0010667: Erased data showing up in Salesforce reporting feature

Release 08/06/2010

0010285: XMLDom class substitution to increase question number and response length number.
0010307: Increase number sub questions and options
0012328: [New Interface] If I change the survey name in the Overview, the survey name is not updated in the survey template.
0012195: [New Interface] issues with help icons
0012585: Create a Sidebar component to substitute the S-control

Release 08/13/2010

0005832: [ Survey Designer ] - Clone a Question
0006560: Improvement: ability to customize email template (HTML)
0010314: Ability to write a survey description longer than 250 characters long.
0000650: [ Survey Collection ] - Add a shortcut to sent surveys to all contacts or users
0012007: [ New Interface ]: improvement to remove responses individually

Release 08/20/2010

0013604: Error on page when trying to relate a survey
0013625: After saving, cannot edit a survey in IE

Release 08/27/2010

0009510: Add Search in the list of contact and lead when you fill a Survey on behalf of them

Release 09/24/2010

0014115: Cannot edit survey when ' character is in title of survey
0014104: Survey title is showing incorrectly using Japanese after you leave the design page
0012889: Send survey invitation from Contact / Lead Detail
0010863: Customer portal Surveys publication fixed
0013605: Add Rich Text content in description
0000185: Overview Survey section updated with more survey info
0014090: Japanese Surveys generated correctly
Security issues fixed
Analyser charts fixed
Minor bugs fixed

Release 10/01/2010

0000073: Translate UI to Japanese
0012649: Ability for respondent to go into survey multiple times after submitting
0014174: Increase Code Coverage
0014136: Bug: Branching on Multiple Choice Singe Answer question
Minor bugs (14134,14166)

Release 10/11/2010

0012649: Ability for respondent to go into survey multiple times after submitting
0014298: Branching: Let define one branch per option (instead per question as it is now)
Minor bugs (14205,14208,14296)

Release 10/20/2010

0014344: Bug fix: Surveys hanging on enterprise editions w11

Release 11/05/2010

0003311: Assign Score Values (weight ) to options and questions
0008099: Add filter to survey summary view
0012007: Improvement to remove responses individually
0003649: Enable editing text on success messages
Minor bugs (14300,14295,14264,14330)

Release 11/16/2010

14446 Bug: Important visualization bugs in IE
14445 Visual Improvements to analyzer recipients report
14436 Bug: Visual bug at the analyze page when you expand the individual responses. Only IE
14421 Bug: With 'Anonymous Collection' and 'Multiple Responses' are activated the responses are shown twice and separated at the analyzer>recipients page
14368 Bug: while adding branching logic to a question - Related to 14167
14321 Can't fill out a survey in Customer Portal due to browser cookies + displays 'modify reply' and allows to send data
14183 Bug: Visualization bug using ie7 and ie8 while sending a survey from the collector
14167 Bug: While adding 'Branching logic to a Page'
14111 survey hangs in 'fill out on behalf of' feature when recipient responded to survey invite
14107 fix link for merge fields reference
14452 Bug: bug when you collapse the individuals responses in the analyzer page using IE7 / IE8
14365 Bug: When you fill on behalf for a contact or lead if you click on 'Modify Responses' the buttons 'Select Another ..' and 'Survey List' disappears
14427 Improvements for Analyzer (Weighted Questions)
14277 Cannot export recipient report to XL in IE7/8
14275 Essay box in IE7/8 deletes content when character limit is reached
14434 Cannot view the merge fields in an automated email
14398 Workflow to User not sending link with user ID
14329 Cannot fill out the survey using workflow

Release 11/26/2010

14511 Merge fields disappear when modifying data
14502 when fill on behalf for a contact, the proper alert message isn't shown
14499 you cant open a survey if was sended throw 'Send Survey Contact Detail'
14492 can't fill on behalf for 'Contacts'
14478 Do not display survey/contact/lead/user/recipient ID in URL
14474 Fix logo issue when suffix is specified for site URL
14441 Fix the style of the accordion from the design page
14432 Add more info in Browse by Recipient

Release 01/06/2011

0014522: Sending survey invitations feature migration to batch apex
0014267: Be able to resend to those who have not completed the survey when there's more than 500 recipients waiting in the collector

Release 01/14/2011

0008769: Improvement: Post survey in Salesforce contact Task/Calendar or Home page / Chatter
0012653: Ability to update standard obj field for contacts, leads, and users
0012635: Import data from other survey products.
0014400: Improvement: Save Account / Case # / Case owner in workflows for Salesforce Reports
0000114: Ability to send surveys to cases
0014675: Survey description in list shows spaces in HTML code sometimes
0014656: Change of title after collecting data creates error in Salesforce report
0014564: Export data should say 'not available' not 'anonymous'
0014505: Improvement: add more info to the 'fill on behalf of' contact list
0014562: Questions out of order in the Analyze tab
0000054: [Survey Branching] when a survey with branching is clone, the new clone survey does not have branching configured
Minor bugs fixed

Release 01/28/2011

Release 02/18/2011 (v. 4.80)
0014112: [Improvement]: Move 'fill on behalf of' to collector tab
0014743: [Improvement]: Add tooltip facilities to be able to add descriptions or help text to each of the questions
0014752: [Improvement]: Make possible to view the 'Case owner' in Reports when a Workflow its triggered
0014804: [Improvement]: Ability to send surveys to Person Account through workflows

Release 03/09/2011 (v. 4.85)

0014744: Add ability to add images to questions [Improvement]:
0014986: [Improvement]: Add chatter functionality (available for Chatter enabled orgs)

Release (03/18/2011) (v. 4.89)

15719: Refactoring - Delete Response triggers
15514: Question Images bugs
15318: Scroll to bottom of page but I can't view all the survey questions
15376: Spacing in longer words in Rating Scale type question

Release (04/11/2011) (v. 4.96)

16604: Add ability to add more than 5 options to matrix of choice / rating questions
16023: When you reach 12 'MCSA' or 'MCMA' questions you can't add grid questions because an alert
15930: Cannot submit answer for surveys sent from cases owned by a queue
16260: Add redirection page to themes
14803: Be able to pic color for font and dividers separately + change font size
Minor bugs fixed

Release 04/20/2011 (v. 4.98)

15582: Control access to Surveys according to user
00068: Restrict/allow different access to survey data depending on user
14715: Provide limited access to viewing surveys only
17065: Be able to send the template attachment when sending through Email
15461,14776,17079: Collector paginator issues
15361: Enconding issue in email invitations in Japanese version
14726: [Improvement]: When a survey it's deleted also delete the email's templates off the survey
15675: Display org user info in the 'from' field when sending through EMAIL
14677: Add more characters to the response options
Minor bugs

Release 05/09/2011 (v. 5.42)

15028: Improvement for images on survey questions (part2 - image dimensions)
14784: Bug JS errors when navigating between tabs.
16192: When you add an image to a question it's displayed above instead of below. (due april 29th)
16547: Invalid message displayed when creating surveys with merge field on the tittle
16994: Cannot view survey summary when survey has more than one page
15134: Add WhoID and (if applicable) Case # info to Analyze page
17458: Bug: Cant view weight column

Release (05/17/2011) (v. 5.44)

14666: Add identifiable info to the notification email
14665: Generate default templates to be able to send invites to leads throught workflows
16494,16714: Test Methods refactored
Minor bugs

Release (05/25/2011) (v. 5.49)

16256: User ID not populated in Recipient when case workflow is customized to owner ID instead of the related user
17468: Refactoring Test Methods Survey Filling
17457: Issues sending attachments to big groups of email recipients
17548: Bug: Case related to a Contact without email
Minor bugs

Release (06/14/2011) (v. 5.59)

17115: Make the application Info Sec compliant (part 1)
17250: Issue viewing question images when the url has a suffix
17831: Scale image in designer stretches image
16545: URL populated uses custom ID field instead of salesforce id field
15958: Rating Scale / Matrix spacing in IE7

Release (08/05/2011) (v. 5.82)

17559: Analyzer issues with large amount of answers
17115: Make the application Info Sec compliant (part 2)
17577: Radial button not lined up with text when it has many characters and font size is large
20317: Test methods issues

Release (08/12/2011) (v. 5.85)

23349: The element type "img" must be terminated by the matching end-tag.
14579: Add a warning when clicking the button to delete individual responses.
14539: Pagination link in Survey List
23432:Fix test method failure
23426: Issues while viewing survey in site w/ domain subfolder
20116: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

Release (08/19/2011) (v. 5.87)

23871: Labels for 'next & 'previous' buttons are hardcoded.
20856: %20%0D%0A added to URL parameter
17820: 'Done' button should look like Next, Previous, Finish buttons
14578: Css edition of the 'finish' buttom

Release (08/26/2011) (v. 5.89)

22207: Ability to view responses by date range in Analyze tab
23805: The page number two does not displayed./Survey Designer

Release (09/02/2011) (v. 5.90)

17183: Change font-size and question font size in Theme Editor
18096: When a contact's name includes quotation marks it doesn't allow to add to recipient list.
18843: Change lead info error message styles
20011: Leave radial buttons blank when the question is required
22554: When you type & in description field
23684: Survey List/ org limit exceeded
24390: Number of pages: Edit page

Release (09/09/2011) (v. 5.91)

14454: 11 options instead of 10 in rating scale
22554: When you type & in description field
24451: Can't add field mapping
17264: Number of 'Total Recipients' decreases in the recipient list of Collector page

Release (09/23/2011) (v. 5.92)

25799: Disable date input in date selector
16970: The app isn't providing error to user when when they add recipients with a bounced email flag
17559: Display more than 1000 responses on Analyze tab
22708: Too many script statements: 200001

Release (09/23/2011) (v. 5.96)

26199: Add exceptions log
26218: The Done button should be disabled in Preview Page

Release (12/02/2011) (v. 6.00)

27643: Issue viewing the responses in Browse by Question in Analyze tab
30630: Test method failures
28476: Id value is not valid

Release (20/01/2012) (v. 6.3)

33103: Upgrade security.

Release 6.6 (01/28/2012)

34597: Url incorrectly formated.
34323: Trigger to update email tempalte name
34317: Cannot send invite to Lead or User from the Collect tab
34211: Error on Create Leads from Recipients
34127: The text of the 'Copy' button in SurveyCollect page is not displayed
34080: Add branching logic to this page
31056: Missing overlay in Analyze

Release 6.81 (02/10/2012)

33965: PDF Export
34073: Question to field mapping
31474: Controller issue (15 vs 18 character survey Summary ID)

Release 6.85 (02/24/2012)

24935: Populate survey url in plain text version instead of hyperlink text
28432: Cannot map field in custom object (text)--not always reproducible
29413: Recipients are misaligned in parts of the recipient list in Collect tab
34299: SurveyAnalyze page - Single text box question - three pages
34351: current survey link show an error message when intent to open the survey
34968: delete a question in the 'Option Branching' popup, the question is not deleted
35128: Created on column has not data information
35141: Done button show up as link
35417: SOQL error message when trying to send out large number of invites
35867: Too many SOQL queries on SurveyCollector
35929: PDF Report the question name and the option name have the same color.
35933: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: TIMBASURVEYS__Survey__c.Name
14660: Display total # of responses in browse by question
36000: Modify URL to upload images to be dynamic

Release 6.88 (03/09/2012)

28940: Anonymous response COPY button not available in IE8 & 7
30813: Cannot view the matrix questions in Browse by Recipient when the question text is long -- add tool tip
34073: Question to field mapping - two questions
34690: Contact Detail - coustomer portal users - the survey is not sent
35104: Comment question - the answer is : Not Answered, but I type 32000 characters.
35266: "Previous page" in filling a survey makes a jump and skip some.
35340: Comment/Essay Box text in Analyze, if the response is too long, doesn't display it correctly.
35584: The 'total' in the Multiple Choice Single Answer is cut.
35856: Too many script statements: 200001 when clicking 'next page' button, filling a survey.
36085: Add branching logic to this page - 10 pages - unanswered - second page does not redirect to the third page
36088: Update testMethod in Test_SurveyController
36845: Add branching logic to this page - multiple choice single answer question - option selected - the survey should be ended but it redirect to the following page
14121: Improve 508 compliance of respondent UI
14494: New button to remove logo from theme
25421: Expire survey invite after x number of days
29025: Survey Edit
29846: Restrict access to site url set up by permissions
35861: Show the charts in the PDF in the same order that are shown in the analyze.
36538: Increase code coverage

Release 6.94 (03/23/2012)

26702: Misaligned radial buttons and checkboxes in all browsers
27553: Cannot submit survey for portal user
34079: Error on weight validation - Design Survey
34347: DesignSurvey page - Multiple Choice Single Answer question - option input
35853: When you set Enable Notifications switch off the overlay does not end
36352: The Anonymous text in the excel report should not be displayed because the Anonymous Collection is off
36508: The name of the mapping is not displayed
36717: Maximum view state size limit (135KB) exceeded. Actual view state size for this page was 139.25KB
37516: Description not shown or bad rendered
37982: Error in recipient link in SurveySummary.
37993: Visualforce error on second page of analyze browse by question
19192: Support IE9
23181: "Clear not sent" button
27864: Add Account info to contact list in the Fill on Behalf feature

Release 6.95 (03/27/2012)

38599: Error in export file; displays escaped text responses when the text fields are filled in other alphabet different to roman.
38953: Apply button in designer
39059: Fix test methods error

Release 6.97 (04/13/2012)

16910: Bug: fill on behalf of the lead is functioning differently in the Collect tab vs. the regular "fill on behalf" page
34079: Error on weight validation - Design Survey
37298: Not counting the number of responses correctly
37386: Exceeds collection size 1,000
26087: Improve error message for inactive user in the Collect tab
35746: Filling a survey, when you go back and click 'next page' button the previous selected option is unfilled.

Release 6.99 (04/27/2012)

23966: Clear Not Sent button shows up although all recipients listed have been sent an invite and ALL have replied multiple times
24844: The error message is displayed and the survey title and description are valid.
33903: Cannot modify text responses in IE7
35746: Filling a survey, when you go back and click 'next page' button the previous selected option is unfilled.
35859: After clearing the not send recipients in the 'Collect' tab, the 'view more' link remains.
37063: Analyze tab, filter by date range.
37386: Exceeds collection size 1,000
38020: Required rating scale and multiple choice single answer matrix allowing to move on to next page/submit survey when at least one subquestion is answered
38695: Add asserts to test methods
39448: Html tags in description field in overview page
39992: cannot submit response when filling out the survey for contact associated w/ case
40027: Recipient list doesn't update
40094: Exported PDF Character IME (Double Byte /Japanese, Korea & Chinese Chars)
40569: Survey 'Shared' doesn't publish in Chatter.
40673: JS error in surveyDesigner
40884: Resize large pdf charts -- overwriting the text resposne by %
41062: Popup when fresh install application
41195: Issue with Comment Box when filling Survey.
41326: Fix test methods for class Test_tsTemplatesOperations
17510: Save related Campaigns info for workflow triggered invites
23504: "Send" button without recipients
0247: Validate mobile page on W3C

Release 7.31 (05/11/2012)

100: Support Mobile
25217: In Analyze Browse by Recipient  page,  responses Not Answered are 0
16266: Survey is posted in customer portal when you click 'Cancel' in 'Send to:' dialog
35092: The 'Analyze' tab is not displayed, but I filled the survey
37298: Not counting the number of responses correctly
39605: Email Template Regeneration
40939: Notification Mail when filling survey not sent.
41804: Contacts names with apostrophes.
41867: Escape message
41869: Add test method to trigger UpdateCollectedResponses
42006: Error on colector and chatter
26319: Fix Too Many Statements query error
28321: Sending invites several times when only pressing send once (v 5.97)
36642: Two issues in Analyze
36841: Populate survey question in the Question Summary object besides field Question Summary Name

Release 7.33 (05/29/2012)

42662: Add overlay when loading recipient tabs
42555: Error Sending Survey to more than 50 Contacts
42194: Fix security issues
37813: Improve test method when selecting system administrator profile
31807: In Reports not all the responses for the questions "not answered" are showing up
42186: Test method failures
35932: Too many soql queries 101 ANALYZE RESULT PAGE
28045: When selecting to only post to a portal the app sends also the email invitation

Release 7.37 (06/08/2012)

43797: When add an User recipient, filter by letter or search throws an error.
42894: Error sending Survey from Contact Detail.
42786: Mail Template Regenerate
42359: Add related account to contact.
41406: Error sending Survey from Contact, Lead or Case.
38995: Recipient Delete
35515: PDF Report - When the questions are only text type, disable the 'PDF Report' button.
29513: Mapping feature not updating a record when mapped to the same recipient object
25979: Modify response link not showing up if cookies are cleared
22922: Problem navigating survey pages because of the tool tip feature
17509: Save related opportunity info for workflow triggered invites
14222: Upgrade some text, buttons, pictures and dialogs in the new japanese package

Release 7.39 (06/22/2012)

25507: Cancel button of theme editor is not working.
29998: Populate survey summary info in the Account record
34622: Cannot type numerical answers using keypad on keyboard
38994: Recipient List in Analyze
40172: Improve message for user without permissions in designer tab.
42379: Survey description HTML
43009: Share in chatter doesn't show publish confirmation.
43231: Mobile devices zoom.
43247: Issues Sending Invites to More than 40 contacts.
43274: Characters Not Saved
43614: Issue with "View More" recipients button.
44441: Error when set Multiple Responses "ON"
44490: PDF Matrix Of Choices Multiple Answers Per Row Graphic

Release 7.44 (07/06/2012)

17300: Not showing 'modify responses' link for Leads
18730: Update the 'send' option labels for portal
24671: Can't search contact/lead with apostrophe
44197: Value provided -1.0 was outside the declared min/max range (0/100)
26233: Calendar-Recipients: Start date can not be after than end date.
44379: Not creates respones when there are two cases asociated to one contact.
44582: Two Cases associated to a Contact issue
44931: Keep track of how many times a survey has been sent
45534: Contact Not Marked as Sent After set Send and set Collection to "On"
45596: Collector Hub Hangs on Loading Overlay

Release 7.45 (07/20/2012)

31259: Weights not copied when a survey is cloned.
35200: Add link to the response to default notification email.
44159: Anonymous Survey sent to contacts, linked to contact details.
44333: iPad Picklist long responses.
44676: Anonymous Button allow to change after first send to recipients actions.
45406: Alignment issue of Case ID column.
45592: Textbox Text input visual issue in Chrome.

Release 7.49 (08/03/2012)

29399: Data in Analyze tab not displayed correctly
40266: Allows to select a date range to generate PDF reports
44297: Mapped field update: overwrites field with blank value when text response is not entered
45960: Change alert text when sending invite to bounced email
46021: Include campaign ID in parameter for all work-flow campaign default templates
46339: Increase the character count in exported Excel
46587: Could not disable Mail Notification
46724: Issue when edit or save Survey Description with apostrophe.

Release 7.51 (08/17/2012)

48325: Improve pages load time
48115: Test method error on tsSecurityManager
47720: Related Opportunity Issue
47667: Error mapping numbers
47615: Post installation script
47558: Customize theme doesn't show
35964: SurveyAnalyze the values aren't stored, and all the answers are 'not answered'
35200: Add link to the response to default notification email
47557: Error in Analyzer Graphics (Shows "Not Answered" when all questions has responses).
43068: Previous values error when filling survey and not finishing

48326: Too many query rows: 50001

Release 7.53 (08/31/2012)

58: Pick up info from object and display in survey  (populate obj info in survey)
44822: Be able to print out survey
46596: Send survey from list view functionality
47322: Mail Notifications Enable/Disable issue when the survey has been previously sent and filled.
48286: Improve display of survey in phones (mSurvey page)
48369: Not add any recipients if one of them has a bounce flag
49020: Update daily email limit alert 

Release 7.55 (09/14/2012)

14644: Resend to selected recipients (not all who are waiting to reply) 
50175: Increase the character count in exported Excel 
47331: Mail Notifications Enable/Disable Button wrong Overlay. 
48363: Expiration date overlay not working fine.  
50335: Expand individual question not working
47641: Survey Title with Apostrophe issue

Release 7.57 (09/28/2012)

46956: Question Properties Visual Issue
49456: Survey Stats not being deleted
50693: Responses are loading when the user doesn't finish to answer a survey
51884: Print Out Survey Issue
51925: Opportunity Issue
51506: Expiration date issue

Release 7.58 (10/12/2012)

50554: html code for quotation marks in pdf file + view by recipient page
50333: Charts without differents colours
50905: Date Filter Issue

Release 7.59 (10/26/2012)

49355: Case Anonymous Not Creating Record
51032: Re-factory code for SendEmail failed
51925: Opportunity Issue
48085: Question limit in 1 page survey
53056: Wrong Link in Notification Mail for Response
51855: Message error for No account in recipient not show.

Release 7.60 (11/9/2012)

55399: Index out of bounds in customer portal

Release 7.61 (11/23/2012)

55967: User can't see responses with Matrix Of Choices Only One Answer Per Row

Release 7.64 (05/03/2013)

8: Improve message when delete individual response.
13: When only one page exists the navigation buttons should have no action when clicked
18: Picklist not show complete text in Print Out PDF

Release 7.66 (08/30/2013)

10: Error with cloned and modified matrix questions (Before Insert or Upsert list must not have two identically equal elements)
24: Lead Fill on Behalf Search & Filter
308: Lead phone number in fill on behalf list
391: Relating survey to Custom Object
797: Link in notification email is generating wrong

Release 7.67 (09/13/2013)

16 - PDF Report - Too many script statements: 200001 when exporting data to PDF
135 - Extend date range in Analyze to "browse by question"
256 - The word "weight" is misspelled in the PDF export
131 - Only should display the responses answered today when filtering in Analyze Browse by Recipient date filter
824 - Survey Analyze - Not Answered option not working in multiple choice multiple answer questions that exceed 100 total responses

Release 7.68 (09/27/2013)

337 - Export Survey to Excel has different values than export to PDF
843 - [Improvement] PDF Report - Increase font-size in the file
844 - [Improvement] PDF Report - Add option to open all the files

Release 7.69 (10/11/2013)

866 - Ability to send reminders a time after the survey was sent
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