Survey Collector

Survey Collection Methods

The Survey Collector feature allows users to send survey invitations to five different types of recipients: individual email addresses, Leads, Contacts, Users, and Customer Portals. From this same page, its possible to set the survey to collect anonymous data or to create a lead from respondent information. In addition, it can be specified if the survey can be filled out multiple times or only once. When a survey is sent, it's possible to monitor data collection from the list of recipients in the Collector page. It will display if the survey has been answered or if it's still waiting for a response.


Addresses can be added to the recipient list individually or in bulk wiht a CSV file or cut and paste


Choose individual Contacts, Users, and/or Leads from your org as recipients

Customer Portal

Publish surveys directly to customer portals

Starting Collection

To turn on survey collection click on the collection icon and select collection parameters



The survey recipients will be prompted to modify responses if they'd like when the parameters 'Anonymous' and 'Multiple Responses per Recipient' are NOT selected:



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    Sarah Hay

    Hi.  I need help.  I'm able to select Contacts or Leads successfully.  I have setup the Standard Lists too.  Contact me at

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