Survey Designer

Add Questions

Drag a question from the toolbox at the top of the page into the middle of the screen.



Question Limits

Maximum number of questions per page = 30; Maximum number of grid questions per page = 5; Maximum number of grid questions per survey = 12; Maximum number of pages = 10; Maximum number of options in grids = 5 or 11 (in rating question type); Maximum number of options in none grid questions = 10; Maximum number of sub-questions in a grid = 11

Character Limits

Question text = 30,000 characters Sub-question text = 150 characters Response options = 200 characters Textbox response = 90 characters Textarea response = 255 or 32,000 characters (specified in survey creation)

Add Pages

Add pages before or after the current page by clicking on the plus icons


Delete Pages

Click the 'Delete Current Page' button located at the bottom left-hand corner of the page


Navigate Through Pages

Click on the arrows to move to the previous or next page


Question Types



Single textbox question with an answer field


Single textbox question with a longer answer field

Multiple Choice Single Answer

Multiple choice with only one answer selection allowed (radial buttons)

Multiple Choice Multiple Answers

Multiple choice with more than one answer allowed

Matrix of Choices Single Answers

Several questions with multiple options, only one answer per question can be selected.

Matrix of Choices Multiple Answers

Several questions with multiple options, multiple answers per question can be selected.

Rating Scale

A predefined rating scale question with a list of items to rate and a scale from 0 to 10.


Will display a calendar where to select a date

Descriptive Text

It's not a question, but a way to add instructional text to the survey

Editing Questions

The question properties can be modified with the editor. To edit a question just click on it and the editor will show up on the right-hand side of the question



The question text.


An internal information input.


The list of sub questions , and controls to add or remove questions, limits may vary depending of the question type.


The list of options, you can add or remove more options, limits may vary depending of the question type.

Required checkbox

Check to make this question required

Numerical values checkbox

Allow only numerical values

Delete Question

Click the blue 'x' at the top right-hand corner to delete a question

Change Order of Question

Drag and drop the questions vertically along the middle column.

Edit Look and Feel

Save the survey and it will redirect to the preview page where you can select 'Customize Theme'

Edit Survey Title and Description

Save the survey and click on the 'Overview' tab. Click edit and change the title and/or description of the survey.

IMPORTANT:The only way to edit the survey after it has started collection is to delete all the responses and turn off collection. To delete all responses click Analyze / Delete Responses. If you created the survey but have not started collecting data, you can click on the pencil icon and edit the survey.


View more info about the designer in the How to section.

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