Survey List


All the surveys are shown in the Survey List page. Depending on the collection status different actions can be performed: Preview, Design, Fill Survey, Analyze, Delete, Clear, Clone.

New Survey

Redirects to the Designer page where you can create your survey


Permanently deletes the survey and data collected thus far


Creates an exact copy of the survey

Person Icon

Redirects to the Collector page where collection parameters can be set, surveys sent, and respondent info reviewed

Magnifying Glass Icon

Redirects to survey preview where you can customize the theme and edit the survey (as long as it's not collecting data)

Pencil Icon

Redirects to the editor where you can edit the questions text and response options

Pie Chart Icon

Redirects to the Analyzer where you can view survey data by summary or specific respondent

Telephone Icon

Redirects to fill data on behalf of a Contact or Lead

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