The survey invitation gets sent, but the survey URL does not

Open up your email template for that survey [See Use Templates to Send Surveys] and make sure %SURVEY_URL% string is in it. This is the variable needed in order to send the URL in the email.

When testing the email template you'll need to send a test contact/lead/user the invite. If you try to test in the where you edited the survey (outside the app, in Salesforce) you will receive %SURVEY_URL% in place of the specific URL for the survey (this is expected behavior).

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    Dan Moody

    Hi Chris,

    This is what I copied as per the instructions in your help file: SURVEY_a1Sw0000000Ngk5EAC

    So I need to put a % in front?



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    Pam Luke

    I am also trying to get this to work. I cannot send a survey invite either from the survey invite itself or from the test page as listed above. Any help would be appreciated. When I saw support for this APP, I thought I would be able to get some realtime assistance. I am working from the sandbox, but I don't think that should be an issue. Thanks for any insight.

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