I can't uninstall Timba Surveys

See instructions on how to fix the problem you are encountering depending on the error that shows up.


  1. 'Custom App' Error: In step 3 of the installation process Timba Surveys was selected as the default application for the Public Profile Settings.

    • Go to 'Setup' :

    • Click 'Develop' :

    • Click 'Sites' :

    • Click on the site label :

    • Click 'Public Access Settings' :

    • Click 'Edit' :

    • Make 'Force.com' default and uninstall the app again :

  2. 'Custom S-Control' Error: Survey(s) and a Standard Object are still related. Example below is for Accounts, but the same steps can be taken with any other Object.

    • Go to Accounts > Page Layouts and click on Edit next to Account Layout:


    • Drag and Drop the RelatedSurveys S-Control from the Page Layout to the upper portion and click Save:


  3. 'Custom Button or Link' Error: Send buttons added during step 2 of the installation process need to be removed. In this example we remove the Contact object buttons and links, but you may need to do the same for Leads and Cases if you added buttons for these objects as well.

    • Go to Contacts > Page Layouts and click on Edit next go to Contact Layout:


    • Drag and Drop the Send Surveys button to the buttons section of the upper portion and then save:


    • Go to Contacts > Search Layouts and click on Edit next go to Contact List View:


    • Move the selected buttons to available and click Save :


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