How to create a new attachment

1. If you are inside a folder you always have two options to create a new attachment.


2. Chose attachment type (media source).

  • 1. Photo
  • 2. Video
  • 3. Audio
  • 4. Camera roll

3. Save the content, you will see these options depending the type that you chose.

a. Photo

b. Video

c. Audio

d. Camera roll

4. Fill the remaining fields.

  • 5. Title
  • 6. Parent Objects
  • 7. Folder
  • 8. Description
  • 9. Location

Fields 5 to 7 are mandatory.

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    masaharu matsuno


    why step6 object selector are behind dark black fog like following picuture? 


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    Altimetrik Support

    Dear customer,

    We were unable to see the picture, please send it to

    Thank you.

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